The fun with Squash

No, not THAT kind, the sports kind inside a squarish box where you have to hit the ball against a wall kind!

I have to say that I'm enjoying it, and thanking the Lord for my weekly Monday evening squash partner. Yes there are two others, but they are early (05:00) squash partners, the one a single guy that found out he overworked and overextended himself, so he is "secretly training" with the excuse of rest and recovery after flu, and the other 05:00 squash partner have a wife (that works shifts) and kids, so there are several early mornings that don't realize and he is at present secretly training with the "back sore" excuse.

What do I enjoy about squash? well ... let's list them:

  • Not needed to run around fields/tracks/etc. it's just a small box
  • Gives me some frustration relieve on that small black thingy that keeps bouncing back
  • Oh, and best of all... it gives me a work out :D

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